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About Us

MytecPL and its associate USA partner (MytecPL USA) is a Professional Marketing Service Company headquartered in Melbourne Victoria, Australia.

The Company has put together a proven management team consisting of highly experienced individuals with diverse exposure in many industries.

The team has extensive experience in product design, sales, marketing and, promotion both nationally & internationally.

These unique perspectives and skills will substantially increase the Company's opportunity to successfully develop and sustain maximum product impact in specific high growth industries that the company undertakes. (Opportunities for new positions and distributors are being constantly reviewed within the company).

The Company (where required) will also work closely with other skilled personnel necessary to the success of all ventures.

Several key areas include import & export regulatory documentation, freight & distribution management, field operations, packaging and design layouts, program planning and engineering requirements. Collectively, our combined experience spans several decades of business & product development.

There are a vast number of worldwide market arena's constantly seeking new and unique products, designs, and inventions that will allow us to provide such items to a ever changing world industry.

Our management & sales teams are at the cutting edge of technology and are constantly updating their skills within this arena to identify product potential, both future and current within the applicable market areas.

Many of our team and associates, have vast experience within the International markets and are aware of the differences between regions. All marketing & promotional material is designed (where possible) to have a dual cross over aspect to allow each item to be applicable to several markets, (simultaneously where required) reducing the overall costs for the developer.

Our sales teams are also trained to identify products and projects that have a dual after sales aspect as well as a valid accessory market. These unique types of projects provide a premium profit margin for all concerned.

In addition, MytecPL has primed and applicable networks across all regions and in a wide range of industries to which it has the ability to prosper itself and affiliates.

The company will continue to seek further amalgamations both nationally & internationally with a wide range of personal to build a truly global network of continued designed projects and products that benefit all concerned.