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Health & Wellbeing

MyTecPL represent a unique range of specially produced products from companies that are highly valued in the World market place. These companies manufacture products from natural & organically grown raw materials and age old methods of production.

Each product is prepared and formulated from many years of experience and expertise tempting you with natural flavours and aroma's that can provide you a feeling of fulfilment, satisfaction and wellbeing.

Our range of coffee is grown in Vanautu from the rich volcanic soil that is found in all of the surrounding Islands and has been produced within this format for many decades.

The tanna coffee recently has been rated by leading coffee specialists SCAA and received a EXCELLENT rating, with an over all score of 8.5 out of 10!

Natural grown coffee has a great deal of health benefits that can be found in our news & events page as well as the benefits from the Bee Power range.